Just Two Freewheeling Nonconformists "Spreadin' the Love"

Hippy Franks is an evolving collaborative effort between Hippy Frank and Cherry Spirit Herbs. The two of us met at Arizona's glorious Grand Canyon Park in 2003 where each of us were working a temporary summer job at the North Rim.

Not long after finishing up our season at the park we made a decision to turn our backs on mainstream mentality and go against the grain. We spent a month living and working at a beautiful intentional community near Tucson, AZ and that was the experience which sealed the deal. We were hooked on off-grid simple living.

We headed out to a small parcel of raw land Cherry owned in the Painted Desert and decided to "go for it." We basically took nothing more than the clothes on our back, some bulk food, and our old Dodge van out on a tattered old country road to the land...And there we stayed for the most part of 8 wonderful years.

We purchased goats, chickens, and various fowl; Got by selling at the local open air market our home-made goat cheese, canned goods, earth oven baked bread, herbal medicines, and about anything we could create with our own two hands.

Fast forward to 2013...We are now grandparents, and being that AZ was too far from all of the grand children, we chose to move-on to the Gypsy life. We have lived in community a time-or-two since our original experience and are currently bouncing around in our motor home with our two dogs Gaia and Gandhi.

With our new life-style Cherry and I quickly realized that our previous source of income was probably not going to work well for us. Being that Cherry, (an active herbalist) has many clients via the internet, one of our commie friends suggested that she try etsy.com . She very quickly found that Etsy seemed to encourage the sense of community that we had learned to love so much.

Our "Spirit Herbs" shop,
has been very good to us, and our customers are incredible. We are now here for the long-haul, and have decided to open-up a second shop, "Hippy Franks," where we will be offering hand made fiber arts of all sorts.

We believe in buying local, using repurposed fibers, and supporting Mom and Pop outlets whenever possible. I truly hope you enjoy our new shop, and ask that you stop by often, and show us the love.

Hippy Frank